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חברת Betranquilo היא החברה המובילה והגדולה ביותר כיום ליבוא ואספקה של מוצרי CBD לצרכנים בארץ ובעולם. לחברה שלנו יש שנים של ניסיון בתחום הקנאביס ויש לנו ידע רב ומעבדות עם פיתוחים טכנולוגים חדישים בתחום. המעבדות שלנו העובדות בחו"ל מייצרות בעצמן את הפורמולות השונות וכל מוצר שיוצא מן המעבדה נבדק באופן קפדני.

Our products are the best on the market and as they have been tested they have also proven themselves in this industry. At our site you will find a variety of CBD products. Among the products you can buy CBD cream for application on the body. This cream is suitable for inflammation in the body and skin diseases. CBD spray can be applied to the body and is also used in oral spray under the tongue. CBD spray is also highly recommended for athletes. You will also find CBD oil that can be put under the tongue in drops and CBD oil for dogs.

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If you also suffer from insomnia, anxiety, inflammation in the body, lack of concentration, migraines, weak immune system that needs to be strengthened, epilepsy and more, you can enjoy the properties of the food supplement CBD in its various forms and without the effect of stinging or addictive.

If you are undecided and want to know more about CBD oil contact us and we will answer any question or request in our field. Feel free to contact our customer service and we will be happy to be at your service. 


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